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Ditto – Free and Powerful Clipboard Manager

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Ditto works as a free extension to the Windows clipboard that can help you save any type of information on clipboard, text, images, html, custom formats, and more, thus you can access to them at a convenient time.


What Can Ditto Do

Intuitive and easy to use user interface.
Support to search and paste previous copy entries.
Support to keep clipboards in several PCs in sync.
Keep the data encrypted when you send over the network.
Be accessed from tray icon or global hot key.
3 ways to select entry: double click, entry key, or drag drop.
Support to paste into any window which excepts standard copy or paste entries.
Support to display a list of the copied image thumbnails.
Support full Unicode to display foreign characters.
Support UTF-8 for language files, thus you can create language files in any language.
Total free to download, install, use, and update as long as you need it.

General Information of Ditto

Software: Ditto
Platform: Windows
Language: Multi-language (including English)
Official Website:
Download: Free download 64-bit | Free download Portable (zip file) | Free download Portable 64-bit(zip file)

Ditto Freeware Tutorial

Step 1: Download and run Ditto.
Free download Ditto freeware from its official website to make sure that you always have the latest version. And install it on to your computer step by step according to its Setup wizard.


When Ditto has been installed successfully, click on the “Finish” button to launch it instantly.


Step 2: Convert your PDF documents to HTML files via Ditto.
Ditto will automatically stay in the system tray after running it. Right click on it you can access to more operations.


Click on the “Show Quick Paste” button, you can edit the clips easily from its context menu.


You can also perform more options.