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Dropbox Linker – Free Tool to Improve DropBox Service Client Usability

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Dropbox Linker is lightweight and simple free Windows application that can monitor changes to published files on DropBox and intellectually copies their URLs to the clipboard in an easy manner.

It is usually running in the background, and offers you the link automatically copied to clipboard together with a corresponding visual notification.

What Can Dropbox Linker Do

Silently run in the background, never slow down your system.
Help you get and cop your URLs of files published to DropBox .
Clean and pleasant user interface, very easy to use.
Total free to download, install, use, and update as long as you need it.

General Information of Dropbox Linker

Software: Dropbox Linker
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Official Website:
Download: Free download from official website

Dropbox Linker Freeware Tutorial

Step 1: Download and run Dropbox Linker.
Free download Dropbox Linker freeware from its official website to make sure that you always have the latest version. And install it on to your computer step by step according to its Setup wizard.


When Dropbox Linker has been installed successfully, it will automatically launch.


Step 2: Get and copy URLs by Dropbox Linker.
1. Publish a file to the “Public” folder into your Dropbox account.


2. Select the “Copy public link” option on the context menu of the item you have published to the “Public” folder just now.


3. You will get a URL like The digital numbers 17200425 is your user id. Copy and paste this user id to the “user id” box in DropBox Linker.


4. Click on the “Apply” button, the DropBox Linker will be running in the background, and you will get the link automatically copied to your clipboard and get the corresponding visual notification as below.


You are also allowed to publish multiple files at one and get multiple URLs copied to clipboard by DropBox Linker.