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Fast Duplicate File Finder – Search and Remove Duplicate Files to Save Your Valuable Disk Space
by  /  June 26, 2014  /

Fast Duplicate File Finder is a free and easy to use Windows application that can help you find and remove duplicate files in a folder, computer or whole network with a single click of the button. itpair-insertion-ad What Can Fast Duplicate File Finder Do Quickly find duplicate or similar files in a certain folder, hard […]

Wise Disk Cleaner Free – Clean and Free Up Your Disk Space
by  /  June 5, 2014  /

Wise Disk Cleaner is a free and effective disk cleaner and defragmenter utility for all Windows users. Wise Disk Cleaner can extremely enhance your PC performance and let you enjoy a more superfast online surfing by removing not only temp files, history, cookies, and autocompelete form history in your web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla […]

O&O Defrag – Professional Disk Defragmentation Software
by  /  June 5, 2014  /

O&O Defrag can be used to not only defragment your hard drives or partitions, but also optimize your computer’s overall performance. It has a very clean and easy to use interface. Once launch O&O Defrag, you can see a ribbon bar with all possible operations you can do, a list of available local drives, as […]

Defraggler – Excellent Disk Defragmentation Freeware for Windows
by  /  June 3, 2014  /

Defraggler aims to help you defrag your entire hard drive, or invididual files or folders effectively and quickly. And, it’s FREE! Defraggler has a clean user interface similar to that of the Windows built-in utility. It enables you to see a list of all available drives even including the removable ones, together with a Drive […]

AppCleaner – Freeware to Free Up Disk Space and Optimize Your PC
by  /  June 2, 2014  /

AppCleaner is a small free application that allows you to thoroughly scan obsolete files and data including temp files, history, cookies, internet logs, download history, etc. and remove them completely from your system. It gives Windows users an easy way to free up dish space and optimize computer’s overall performance! In addition, it provides additional […]

Disk Space Fan – Most Attractive Disk Space Analyzer to Delete Duplicated Files
by  /  May 30, 2014  /

Disk Space Fan is a visually attractive disk space analyzer that helps you find the largest folders and files on your hard drive, and delete the duplicated files to free up your disk space. Once running Disk Space Fan, it automatically analyzes your hard drives and displays their contents in a colorful and interactive pie […]

KCleaner – Free Automatic and Secured Disk Cleaner
by  /  May 29, 2014  /

KCleaner is a free PC cleaning tool to free up your hard drive space by all unwanted or temp files. With both Automatic mode and Manual mode, KCleaner enables users to detect and clean up the Recycle Bin, Windows installer duplicates, Apple and Adobe Reader installer cache, temporary system and Internet files, cookies, the recent […]

Moo0 Disk Cleaner – Clean Up Unwanted Files from HDD
by  /  May 20, 2014  /

MooO Disk Cleaner is a free disk cleaning software that offers Windows users the easiest way to remove all unnecessary or unwanted files from the hard drive to free up disk space. With the long time use of computer, more and more unwanted files or junk files will be created and decrease your PC speed. […]