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Decrap – Freeware to Remove Bloatware From Your PC With Ease
by  /  June 6, 2014  /

Decrap is a free tool which helps you remove all the bloatware that comes pre-installed by the manufacturer on a new Windows computer. Decrap makes it easy to clean up your system by deleting any unwanted remnants of various installations together with Windows components which you think unnecessary or unused. It can run in a […]

Revo Uninstaller – Take Place of Windows “Add or Remove” Programs to Remove Unwanted Apps and Traces Easily
by  /  June 5, 2014  /

Revo Uninstaller aims to help you uninstall any unwanted software or programs that are installed on your system easily, especially when you fail to uninstall certain programs by the Windows Add or Remove Programs feature! When run Revo Uninstaller, it automatically detects and displays all installed programs on your system, as well as enables you […]

AppRemover – Remove Unwanted Antivirus Software Simply and Completely
by  /  June 3, 2014  /

AppRemover provides a quick and easy way to detect and remove all unwanted applications to free up your disk space and potentially improve your overall PC performance. When you run AppRemover, it automatically starts detecting unwanted programs immediately, and displays a list of any antispyware, antivirus programs, security software, public file sharing apps, toolbars and […]

Absolute Uninstaller – Freeware to Batch Uninstall Unwanted Programs or Entries
by  /  June 3, 2014  /

Absolute Uninstaller works as freeware to effectively uninstall programs by fully removing redundant leftovers as well as program registry entries. Similar to the Windows “Add/Remove Programs” feature, Absolute Uninstaller automatically detects and displays all currently installed programs on your system, with their names, publishers and install dates. It also allows you to sort the viewing […]

Comodo Programs Manager –Freeware to Completely Remove Unwanted Programs and Leftovers
by  /  May 23, 2014  /

How to remove unnecessary programs from our computers? Usually people choose to ask some free application removal tools like Revo Uninstaller, GeekUninstaller or Anvi Uninstaller for help. Here we mainly introduce another effective program remover freeware – Comodo Programs Manager. Comodo Programs Manager is a powerful free program uninstaller utility which enables you to not […]

Advanced Uninstaller PRO – Easily Uninstall Stubborn Programs Completely
by  /  May 22, 2014  /

Uninstalling software that we do not use any more is a common way to make our PC clean and free up disk space. However, in fact, very few software can be uninstalled completely from your computer, no matter you do that by manual from Control Panel or using some so-called uninstaller tools. Some useless leftovers […]